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Stretch Ceiling Systems:

the Possibilities Are Endless

The suspended ceiling system is installed in mere moments; it occupies the space and takes shape. Simply, flexibly, efficiently. The end result is perfectly clean, the finish impeccable! A complete and multi-use ceiling system, It makes possible a wide variety of projects: a standard renovation or the creation of a sophisticated showroom.

Stretch ceiling is a removable ceiling, the installation of ceiling air conditioning is greatly facilitated…
5 ranges of stretch ceiling systems:

  • Traditional, with more than 100 colours and 10 textures: satin, gloss, pastel, suede effect…
  • Translucent, several grades to create distinct luminous atmospheres
  • Perforated, to improve acoustics
  • Bio-proof, used in agree-food, medical, hospital and laboratory contexts and in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Printed, to create a completely personalized decor

Advantages of a removable ceiling system

Each ceiling, with its anchors welded to the edge, is made to measure at our factory.
Exclusive ceiling locking system quick to fit, easy to take down and perfectly taut:

Fitting ceiling accessories

Lamps, spotlights, air vents, speakers… all accessories can be integrated discreetly. Cables and piping are totally hidden
Wall or ceiling rails

Visible or hidden, the PVC or aluminum rails of the suspended ceiling system can easily cope with all kinds of details: curves, joins, slopes…

Why choose Stretch Ceilings?

Stretch Ceiling products have a number of advantages:

  •     Stretch Ceiling has unique reflective ability to incise  ceiling height

  • ​    Stretch Ceiling is resistant and of exceptional quality. They may be printed, back-lit, acoustic, antibacterial, non-sweating and dirt-resistant.

  •     Stretch Ceiling also offers a full range of high-technology trim that can be adapted to any situation.

  •     Stretch Ceiling coverings are installed cold and dry: quick, easy, clean, odor- and headache-free. The finishes are perfect and the result, impeccable.

  •     Respectful of the environment and your well-being, all parts of the system are recyclable.

  •     No cancer-causing substances (known as CMTs) and volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs).

  •    Stretch Ceiling has certifications, which meet all standards currently in effect.

  •     Ideal for new construction and renovations in all public and residential areas. Designed for all professional and domestic uses.

Why choose SmART Ceilings?

When you choose Smart Ceilings, you are guaranteed irreproachable service quality. Professionalism, know-how and attention to best meet our clients' needs. But choosing Smart Ceilings also means benefiting from the many advantages of dealing with a company whose reputation keeps growing.


SmART Ceilings prices are very competitive. They are at least 50% less than prices anywhere in USA plus we offer a ten-year factory warranty.



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