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The stretch ceiling system originated in Europe over 40 years ago mainly as a solution for damaged ceiling.Today  the vinyl stretched ceilings  still solve a multitude of problems.

There are now used for their remarkable aesthetic and luxurious appearance. These amazing ceilings can be installed almost anywhere, come in a wide variety of colors and are made from an Eco-friendly material.


Stretched ceilings are made from sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These vinyl sheets are an unbelievable .006 inches thin, but incredibly strong and durable. They offer all of the benefits of vinyl including being fire rated ASTM 84 - class 1, non-toxic, mildew resistant, and anti-static (no dust!).

The really exciting news is that the stretched ceilings are just as beautiful as they are practical, affording you a high quality, upscale finish. Stretched flawlessly from edge to edge using a clip-in framing system, your ceiling – or even your walls – will have a remarkable finish, becoming the focal point of the room. In larger rooms where several strips of vinyl might be necessary, the sheets are welded together and permanently, using a high frequency welding machine. They are so strong that a ceiling of 450 square feet can hold up to 130 gallons of water.

To top things off, the stretched ceilings are environmentally friendly as vinyl is made of 43 percent petroleum and 53 percent sea salt. According to The Vinyl Institute, “Worldwide vinyl production represents less than 3 percent of all annual oil and gas consumption.” Vinyl is easily recycled – there is a specific piece of equipment that automatically separates vinyl from other plastics – and can be safely incinerated

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