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 Residential and Commercial

The range of applications is virtually unlimited. Our ceiling system can be used for apartments and houses to offices, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, boutiques and music venues. The widest range of colors and finishes (mirror, matte, glossy metal and translucent) provides an opportunity to create complex designs. Free-form stretch ceiling systems have become an extremely interesting solution for refined interior design goals.

Residential and apartment ceilings will greatly benefit from Innovative Coverings Stretch Ceiling System’s unlimited possibilities in creating unique interior decors, longlasting quality and safety features. Residential ceilings refer to all of a home’s ceiling surfaces. These include the basement ceiling, kitchen ceiling, bathroom ceiling, living room ceiling, dining room ceiling, swimming pool ceiling and bedroom ceiling. All these areas can be improved by the installation of stretch ceilings instead of traditional sheet rock.

SmART Ceilings presents no ordinary design capabilities. Our contractors use advanced ceiling technology in creating 3D shapes. SmART Ceilings can present more than 100 finishes and colors in building your home or apartment ceiling.

SmART Ceilings suits all types of commercial ceiling requirements. These includes Bars, Banks, Hotels, Museums, Shops, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Theaters, Schools, Galleries, Offices, Playrooms, Nightclubs, Study Halls, Fitness Facilities Gyms and Churches. SmART Ceilings Innovative Coverings can be custom manufactured in over 100 colors and finishes, such as satin, lacquered (reflective or mirror-like), perforated, translucent (lighting applications), matte and metallic.

Wide printing services

We can print on most SmART Ceilings materials to deliver beautiful design concepts and ideas. Any canvas surface will work. Let us know what type of surface on which you’d like to work; and we will help you incorporate custom print designing and building lights in your material.

    Complete Large Format Printing Services
    Any banners for any Printing Media.

Wall art print

Panoramic prints such as a landscape prints, sunset prints, cityscape prints or underwater prints. Huge wall art installations are also possible – share your imaginative idea, and we’ll help you make it into a reality!

Lighting Design

Our top priority is to make your business look great. We provide a huge selection of home and commercial lighting features. We represent next generation lighting designs. Illuminated ceilings, Mood Lighting Design Concepts, LED enhanced ceilings and Fiber-optic lighting are all possibilities for unique business environments.

SmART Floors

Get any High Quality image sized onto your floor. This includes: company logos, guiding floor signs, wood or stone patterns, ideal for lobby floors and swimming pool entrances.

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